$1,000,000 Safuu Treasure Pit Quest!

Did someone say 1M USD? Absolutely! Just find the seed phrase, and the cash is yours!

The Safuu Treasure Pit competition is an online-sleuthing contest starting on June 3rd and will run for three months. The “Safuu Treasure Pit Quest” is where both amateur and professional detectives can leverage their crypto-analytical skills to hunt for a mnemonic MEW seed phrase, clues to which will be hidden in the Safuu ecosystem. This includes any of our online content, artwork, memes, social media, discord, and the new website. Winners who complete the competition successfully by guessing, or finding, the 24 words that comprise the seed phrase will have access to the “Safuu Treasure Pit” wallet and all its crypto holdings, which may be valued up to 1M USD!

What do you need to do?

Make sure you follow Safuu closely in discord and on social media. You may also need to read articles on the Safuu website, Medium and other online media platforms, so be sure to keep an eye (and ear) out for any content we release over the next three months. You may also need to analyze artwork and drawings (or memes) for clues to the seed phrase and its sequence. Once all of the words have been identified by the lucky Safuu community member, they will need to complete the correct sequence of words to gain access to the wallet and its funds. After they have access to the wallet, the competitor will need to transfer the Safuu to their own wallet or an exchange address asap. The key is to move it out of the wallet before someone beats them to the punch!

Safuu Protocol, the protocol that just keeps giving!

Safuu protocol will be the sole supporter of the competition, providing USD 125K of Safuu. The Safuu will be deposited into a new wallet and auto compound over three months. With the protocol’s amazing fixed APY of over 383000%, this USD 125K could be well over USD 1M at the end of the three month competition period! So make sure you follow Bryan Legend on social media, watch his live streams, and consume every sliver of Safuu content you can over the next three months, as it may change your life!

Who can enter?

Anyone may enter and compete in the competition. Being a member of the Safuu community will be highly beneficial, as you will have access to all clues, information and updates. No Safuu team member or direct employee may enter the competition.

When does the competition start?

The competition will start on June 3rd 2022, and continue until August 31st 2022.

Clues will be released weekly through any of the media mentioned above, including Twitter, Discord, Medium, Instagram, YouTube, the Safuu website and other online media platforms. The final clue will be released in the last week of August 2022.

If the seed phrase has not been guessed and the wallet funds have not been moved by August 31st, more clues will be made available daily, until the seed phrase has been solved and the funds have been withdrawn.

The winner of the competition, with their consent, will be broadcast to the Safuu community.

So, make sure you are following Safuu over the next three months, because this is going to be one hell of a ride, and it may just change your life!




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