100 Day RECAP + The Road Ahead

From Humble Beginnings…

It all started from a dream to offer the biggest opportunity for Passive Income by enabling the masses to capitalize on an remarkable revolution that has since grown into arguably the largest brand in DeFi today with one simple easy to remember acronym; SAFUU.

In February 2022 we set out to generate a consistent and achievable income stream for wealth creation with the goal to make millionaires through above the bar execution strategies and by setting a new standard toward complete transparency.

The Safuu Protocol was deployed with the world’s first unique concept of underlying mechanics that includes the famous Fire Pit that we all have grown to understand and love due to the deflationary nature allowing for longterm sustainability and success.

True Launch Success

Many said it couldn’t be done and an APY of 383,025.80% couldn’t be achieved and wasn’t sustainable but here we are more than 3 months in and the future looks brighter than ever before.

On March 1st 2022 we accomplished an astonishing feat by conducting our initial launch on the PinkSale platform by raising a total of 8,000 BNB and selling out in a World Record of 36 seconds. This in itself showed the true potential of what Safuu held in it’s wings with 2,238 total contributors getting in on the ground floor.

Over the next weeks the Safuu Token rallied from $16.48 to an All Time High of $318.09 presenting a 1,930% price increase and paying out Millions of Dollars to investors in a very short space of time.

The Long-Term Investor Mindset

Through the past 3 months SAFUU has gone through it’s fair share of up’s and downs just like any other newly released Crypto project but the 1 main feature allowing SAFUU to be as successful as it has been is the Fixed Rebasing Interest percentage of 2.28% per day.

The Safuu protocol was never created nor intended to be a short-term speculative play at all. Our vast community of over 157,000 advocates and supporters know this all too well and understand that HODLing brings with it the most wealth by delaying gratification and seeing the bigger picture.

Safuu Racing SRT Gearing Up

The Safuu Racing Team has been a massive success from it’s first debut in the 2022 British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) and has achieved a huge milestone toward Real World Branding with widespread attention of the Safuu logo being seen across UK media and television broadcasts.

Our aim is to ‘gear up’ Safuu Racing to take part in the 2023 Porsche Supercup aswell as having our eyes set on V8 Supercars in Australia next year too at at the same time making sure our marketing is spot on point during these events.

Safuu Air Taking to The Skies…

Establishing an Airline is in 1 word ‘challenging’ to say the least with many regulatory hurdles and big monetary outlay expenses to create and manage accordingly. Safuu Air is not by any means meant to be a cashflow positive enterprise. Quite the opposite, that the business model behind it is to offer expanded utility for Safuu holders and at the same time expand our brand through a wider global reach.

At this time we have decided to refocus our efforts to be more aligned with the Safuu Blockchain being that core utility is of paramount importance and it being the most vital thing Safuu needs to progress ahead successfully throughout 2023.

Due to this new focus and realignment, the Safuu Air release phase will be extended out to late 2026 with a targeted date of February 2027 for first domestic flight allowing us ample time to plan accordingly and have far greater capital to deploy for this exercise.

Upcoming Utility To Spark The Flame

With our latest Roadmap announcement of expanding to become our own fully live and self-efficient Blockchain by July 2023, it has sparked much interest with the acquisition of new Safuu Token holders onboarding to our ecosystem each and every day.

The concept of the World’s First Auto-Staking Rebase Blockchain has never been attempted and will spark a revolution within the DeFi space by offering true utility to holders of our coin, projects being launched on our chain and to developers looking to be part of the next big thing.

As we look to grow the Safuu Ecosystem through the above approach, we can forecast a generation in daily volume growing into the average vicinity of $510,000,000 — $720,000,000 per day equaling a consistent income revenue stream that will be given back to holders, in form of rewards for a self-sufficient, sustainable APY.

Tax fees taken from the new and upcoming SafuuX DEX and general Blockchain Gas fees will be the main source of this revenue growth by consistently expanding and growing our ecosystem with the onboarding of project development.

Becoming a Contender to Overtake Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum

There currently exists NO Blockchain that pays daily yield in form of rebases to asset holders in a decentralized manner just for holding without the prerequisite of restricting access to your holdings by Locking up and Staking.

SafuuX, our Blockchain native coin will be the World’s first to achieve this by enabling holders of our current Safuu token to migrate over to SafuuX and NOT need to lockup or stake their coins in a restrictive manner at all.

SafuuX will operate in much the same way as Safuu does now by paying out a generous APY in 15 minute intervals across our whole network. The Fixed APY rate will be paid in form of rebases to all SafuuX holders, whether it be retail investors, hedge funds, institutions and above all, ANY and ALL projects actively listed and running on our Blockchain.

SafuuX Node Operators will gain the biggest slice of the pie by achieving consensus of the network and thus receiving the highest daily $ rewards.

Heavy Marketing and Advertising

The continuation of advertising in the real world is a core focus of the Safuu brand and even though we are in a bear market it is important for us to keep our foot on the gas peddle.

Over the next 3 months (July — September), we will be running an exciting venture with the London Underground capitalizing on the UK market by reaching foot traffic of over 3 Million transistor's and daily visitors.

Safuu will be seen across 56 sites on escalators throughout the London Subway system and furthermore, we will be expanding our advertising outreach in Airports with a focus of Manchester being a financial hub.

We are also looking to deploy a larger marketing budget near to the end of year with wrapped Taxi’s and on Bus Routes to increase our UK market exposure. It makes perfect business sense to do so since the venture ties directly back to our current Safuu Racing presence in the BTCC.

Exciting Times Ahead…

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