$100k Buy-Back & Burn BULLISH!

We just did another manual token buy-back!

$100,023.88 was used from the Safuu Treasury to buy back 580.14 SAFUU tokens for which we still had to pay the tax ourselves too!

Here is the BUY BACK Transaction: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xf0f21f6e8c235904fcfa0434bd4e81b7b759f83b8f9e129252e496c2a7adbdb3

The transaction meant we gained 498.92788 SAFUU from the market for which we also burned by sending the tokens directly into the Fire Pit!

Here is the BURN Transaction:

The Fire Pit continues to roar!

Our buy back and burn also aided into growing the Fire Pit even larger where it now stands at a chunky 14.55% of Total Supply!



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