A big congratulations to all participants of last months promo!

We had a lot of interest from people all over the globe that registered either as a current holder of SAFUU or as a new holder of SAFUU.

A staggering Result!

We noticed quite a number of registrants trying to ‘game the system’ who were unfortunately disqualified along with participants who did not input a correct wallet address, did not purchase the minimum of 20 SAFUU as a new holder, did not hold for the entire 30 days, transferred SAFUU and even sold tokens during the promotional period.

Needless to say these wallets were classed as ineligible from receiving the Airdrop.

Here are the final numbers:

New Holder Registrations

Participants: 3,344
Eligible: 278
Pool Distribution:
Each Receive:
$449.64 of SAFUU

Current Holder Registrations

Participants: 6,576
Eligible: 2,148
Pool Distribution:
Each Receive:
$46.55 of SAFUU

OG Holder Registrations

Participants: 23
Eligible: 23
Pool Distribution:
Each Receive:
$1,086.95 of SAFUU

When will eligible Airdrop participants be paid?

If you are one of the lucky participants — we will be sending out payment via multi-transfers between NOW and tomorrow May 3rd (AEST) to all eligible wallets. There is nothing required from you at all.

The process will be entirely automatic.

Thank you all for a great April!



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