🚦 Day 35 Monthly Progress Update 🚦

4 min readApr 5, 2022


The Most Successful DeFi Project in History

With over 160+ copycat forks of us to date in under 3 weeks making Safuu the most widely accepted and copied project in the history of cryptocurrency. No other crypto has been this successful or experienced the level of community acceptance that Safuu has in such a short amount of time.

The Safuu community has grown from 1 single member; our CEO Bryan Legend to now having over 70,000+ members in total spread out amongst our official Twitter, Discord and Subreddit. All this in a span of only 35 days.

Just yesterday CoinPedia stated on record that Safuu was the #3 choice in the top 8 DeFi projects to watch out for in 2022: https://coinpedia.org/news/top-8-defi-projects-to-watch-out-for-in-2022/

Safuu Has Started a Huge Movement

Safuu Protocol’s famous Founder & CEO Bryan Legend has captured the hearts of many crypto aficionado’s with his undeniable transparency and rapid paced quick fire action to get things done. His regular live updates held on his YouTube channel have set the stage and taken doxing to whole new level completely: https://www.youtube.com/c/BryanLegend.

The Genius of Safuu Protocol

The success of Safuu Protocol is attributed to the sustainability factor which stems from the unique proprietary mechanisms in place that have been created and developed by us. The genius code of the Safuu Smart Contract was written from scratch and just like an angel from the sky, the initial concept including the well known Fire Pit was conceived from Bryan Legend’s own ideas in an aim to solve the sustainability problem that other Auto-Staking protocols have simply failed at.

The Safuu Discord Community

The Safuu Discord has now reached over 29,000 active members including 3 full-time Admins and 3 Moderators to help in achieving our vision of becoming the largest Discord group in crypto.

We believe the Safuu Discord is just one of the main things we have got right from the start, with a totally professional setup including our own custom bots which monitor price, supply, liquidity and other important metrics. We have a core focus on continued expansion by treating Discord as a fundamental business itself.

Safuu Price Action and Performance

We held our initial Pre-Launch via PinkSale on March 1st at a price point of just over $16 per SAFUU Token with a total capital raise of 8,000 BNB which sold out in a record breaking 34 seconds. (Safuu still holds this world record achievement to date).

50% of the initial capital raise (4,000 BNB), ($1.6M) was automatically used to kickstart the SAFUU/BNB PancakeSwap liquidity pair at a public launch price of $18.46.

Many interested investors were on the sidelines waiting for a ‘crash’ or ‘pullback’ out of the gates, but were left in shock when price got away from them at a lightning quick pace and rallied all the way up to an All Time High of $334.96 per SAFUU Token on March 9th.

At the time of writing SAFUU Token is now trading at $150.42 which seems to be healthily consolidating at this level.

Safuu Financials

At the time of writing our Market Cap sits at $89,277,828 with a Circulating Supply of 595,964 SAFUU Tokens.

Liquidity sits at $16,679,424 which is a remarkable effort in just 35 days!

The Market Value of the Safuu Treasury holds $1,976,203 in assets and the Safuu Insurance Fund holds $2,200,00 in BUSD stable.

The Fire Pit has been hungry by eating up 109,103.05 SAFUU Tokens totaling $16,344,070 of monetary value and equating to 15.47% of total supply.

Safuu Racing Team (SRT) Acquisition & Partnerships

To separate ourselves from the competition and to establish Safuu as a trusted world-wide known brand we have acquired our own racing team as a joint venture between Yazoo Drinks and Safuu in form of sponsored collaboration together for the entire season of the British Touring Car Championship.

2022 British Touring Car Championship Calendar

Current OEM Partnerships


Yazoo (https://www.yazoo.co.uk) is a well known and large consumables drink brand in the United Kingdom which Safuu has teamed up with in the British Touring Car Championship for 2022 under the registered and public broadcasted team name: “Yazoo with Safuu.com Racing”


BitKeep (https://bitkeep.com) offers any global user the ability to buy, sell, trade and store thousands of different cryptocurrency assets in one single easy to use mobile application with a click of a button. BitKeep has over 5 million registered users spread out over 168 countries and regions.

Forward Looking Summary

With current negotiations and onboarding talks with more partners including SafeMoon, brings with it more real world use cases and extra utility for the Safuu Token. There is also active plans to integrate our own Web Store in the very near future to award even more utility by way of offering authentic merchandise such as Safuu branded apparel and corporate gear that can only be purchased with Safuu Tokens directly.

Our marketing efforts since conception have been right on target which attributes to much of our success over the past month. Our strategy going forward is to drive the narrative of trust and acceptance through a professional and organic approach over a much deeper level on a global scale.

Thank you to all for being part of a crypto revolution.

Bryan Legend.
Founder & CEO