Fire Pit Burn Percentage Increased to 6.5% + $55,694.53 MANUAL BURN Celebration!πŸ”₯

Jun 6, 2022

The Fire Pit burn percentage has increased!

We listened and acted in an effort to encourage an shift in price momentum to the upside by increasing the Fire Pit burn on every transaction from 2.5% to 6.5%!

This is MEGA bullish news for the price of Safuu and will cause the Fire Pit to roar with even more hunger causing a hyper deflationary aspect for token holders proving out a lower total supply over much better supply vs demand economics.

Here is the transaction for the Auto-LP conversion to increased Fire Pit %:

Here is the transaction for the $55,694.53 Manual Burn in celebration:

Take a look at our App now! The Fire Pit now holds 19.99% of total supply!!!