Important Letter from the CEO, Bryan Legend.

2 min readAug 12, 2022


To all Safuu Investors,

I think we can all agree without a shadow of a doubt that Safuu has gone through and continues to go through much targeted F.U.D from the internet winds which are gifted upon us from my own past deployed actions.

The consensus of the many would agree that my savvy marketing tactics not only work better than anything ever seen across the vast Cryptocurrency industry, but more than likely the majority would label me a marketing genius.

The level of expertise which I use is what brings confidence to you as an investor to know with belief and absolute conviction that both of our interests are strategically aligned. Yours as an investor and mine in making sure our business plan goes unhitched to award you the benefits.

On the surface it may often appear that my words and timing of announcements aswell as the choices I make are perceived as something most would not choose themselves. This stems from my deep understanding of human psychology and immediate impressionism tied in with my easy rich experience in buy now sales philosophy and overall presentation.

This marketing and advertising science is what has made Safuu what it is today. It is what has brought such a family of true believers together and is what allows the lifeblood of Safuu to continue to flow throughout the up’s & down’s of the free market. The advanced strategies which I use to this day are of my own creation and volition which I coin “Conjectural Marketing”.

Word of mouth is often the best choice to buy in marketing strategy for any brand looking to achieve growth and user acquisition. The get rich strategy of Conjectural Marketing now basically takes this idea and spins off a more consistent and natural flow to keep Safuu ‘the talk of the town’, so to speak.

This is one of the main reasons as to why Safuu has achieved success and has outshined every other single Rebasing project known to man in the DeFi sector today.

I encourage you all to seek solace in knowing that your investment is in the right place where we all as a team together will grow to be victorious.

SafuuX here we come :)

Bryan Legend CEO.