Major Partnership Announcement!! Decentology integrates SafuuX chain on the Hyperverse, making it intuitive for developers to build innovative DeFi dApps.

3 min readAug 6, 2022

Decentology, an established blockchain developer tools company, is thrilled to announce SafuuX integration within the Hyperverse; a marketplace of composable smart contracts — to further the expansion of EVM protocols in their ecosystem and bring cutting-edge DeFi concepts to developers.

The Hyperverse introduces ‘composability,’ which makes it possible for smart contracts already deployed to a blockchain to interact with each other. With the SafuuX integration, seasoned Web3 developers familiar with the Smart Contract Programming Language, Solidity, can now develop Smart Modules (single-purpose smart contracts) on the Hyperverse. Meanwhile, Web2 developers can leverage the JavaScript Abstraction on the Hyperverse to build DeFi dApps (Decentralized Applications) quickly, easily, and in a cost-effective manner.

As Decentology continues to develop the Hyperverse, it is eager to introduce SafuuX to the list of leading blockchains they are already supporting, such as Flow and Algorand. The standard set of interfaces on the Hyperverse will allow developers to get started on building dApps right away without wrestling with wallet integrations, hence saving valuable time when it comes to decentralized app development. Developers can combine the Hyperverse DeFi Smart Modules to create innovative and robust DeFi applications that build upon the unique architecture of SafuuX.

You can read Decentology’s formal blog post about the partnership here:

“SafuuX is extremely excited to partner with Decentology and engage in their Hyperverse solution for SafuuX. We are happy to follow in the footsteps of other major blockchains, including Flow, Avalanche, and Ethereum to ensure education, efficiency, and scalability for all developers building on SafuuX,” says Bryan Legend, Safuu Protocol Founder and CEO.

“The objective of the Hyperverse is to make onboarding developers easier into blockchain ecosystems, and we’re excited to do this with SafuuX. Employing the rapid development capabilities of the Hyperverse, developers can bring applications to the market much faster without building from scratch. As developers build applications faster with the Hyperverse, it will also help accelerate the overall adoption of Web3 by mainstream users,” says Nik Kalyani, Decentology Founder and CEO.

Together, the Hyperverse by Decentology and SafuuX is looking forward to innovating in the Defi Dapp development space and giving developers a competitive edge.

About Decentology: Decentology is the innovative company behind the Hyperverse, the open, composable smart contracts marketplace that makes it easy for developers to discover, build, and monetize Web3 applications. The Hyperverse is the evolution of DappStarter, Decentology’s blockchain-agnostic code generation platform for Web2 developers. Founded in 2019 in Mountain View, California, the company employs a global team with a mission to onboard the next 10 million JavaScript developers to Web3. To deliver on its mission, Decentology partners with some of the leading blockchains in the industry, such as Flow, Algorand, Polygon, Metis, and Celo. More about Decentology at:

About SafuuX: SafuuX Chain is a standalone, fast and secure rebasing blockchain that enables developers the use of smart contracts through EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatibility, thus providing an environment to develop their dApps. SafuuX Chain relies on a system of validators with PoSA (Proof of Staked Authority) consensus which enables shorter block time with much cheaper transaction fees. More about SafuuX at:

You can read Decentology’s formal blog post about the partnership here: