🛫 Safuu Airlines Discovery is Born!! 🛫

2 min readApr 18, 2022

Today we announce Safuu Airlines Discovery!

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke.


Safuu Airlines Discovery aims to take to the sky by November 2023 to offer international flight services on a global scale. SAD will offer a complete luxury flight experience that is second to none with the selection of 4 cabin classes:

Cabin Classes:



Safuu Airlines Discovery (SAD) will offer both Domestic travel (within Australia) aswell as International travel abroad and will follow the same flight map as Virgin Blue for Asia Pacific, USA and UAE to major capital cities.

Payment Services

All Domestic travel within Australia will be restricted to payments via FIAT-$AUD only. International travel to selected regions will present an option for payments via Cryptocurrency-$SAFUU. Payments made in $SAFUU will be converted in real-time at current market rate and will be subject to a 1.5% conversion fee.

Token Utility

All International SAD services including flights, upgrades and assistance packages are available for payments in $SAFUU and will receive up to 16% discount on eligible flights, subject to promotion criteria.

Aircraft Renders

The Flight Map Ahead…

Our goal is to have our first Airbus A320 on the tarmac ready for lift-off for International travel by November 2023 and embarking with passengers on it’s first journey by February 2024. A secondary A321 aircraft is forecasted to be added to the SAD fleet by year end.

We will aim to make Domestic travel throughout Australia available in 2025 with the acquisition of 2 additional Boeing 737–800 aircrafts.

Beyond 2026 will be expansion years for a larger fleet across more regions.