2 min readMar 22, 2022


SAFUU is now listed and trading on BitKeep!

We are excited to announce our new partnership with BitKeep who has over 5 Million registered users worldwide, covering more than 168 countries and regions which have transacted over $500 Billion in asset value to date.

You can download the BitKeep App for free here:

AIRDROP: SAFUU is poised for a price pump…

With so many active users on BitKeep, we thought it would be best to Airdrop a total $100,000 worth of SAFUU with a full-scale Airdrop campaign that will be managed by BitKeep directly.

The Airdrop campaign will take place from April 1st and will run across 4 weeks with users needing to complete activities via which will be broken down into 3 parts; 50% Gleam rewards, 30% KOL promotes, 20% Trading Activities in BitKeep’s Discord community.

More information around the Airdrop details and conditions will be released by BitKeep prior to April 1st.

Acquisition of New Holders

With our new BitKeep partnership and through the Airdrop campaign mentioned above, the business projects additional new individual holding addresses of SAFUU to increase by 20,000–35,000 through this alone in the first half of April. These numbers are in addition to any general run-rate and on-top of other promotions.

Bullish News for Current SAFUU’ians

This is the first of many upcoming partnerships that Safuu will tie in with, further allowing us to expand and evolve in-line with our Roadmap. The reach of an additional 5+ Million users on Bitkeep is big news and onboarding 20,000–35,000 new holders of Safuu throughout the month of April is a huge win!

You can download the BitKeep App for free here: