Safuu Blockchain Update — Release Imminent! 🚀

1 min readJun 10, 2022

Safuu Blockchain is set to arrive a lot earlier than first proposed…

EXCITING NEWS — The team at Safuu are absolutely ecstatic and hope all you Safuu holders are feeling absolute joyful with this bullish progress update as we have managed to speed up the development process.

Here is what to expect:

✅ Full Documents inc Whitepaper released by July 9th
✅ Node Whitelisting to be open by July 30th
✅ Registration of Node Operators and costs by September 3rd
✅ Full Working TestNet to be live by September 21st
✅ SafuuX DEX Released in conjunction by September 30th
✅ Safuu > SafuuX Full Migration by November 30th
✅ Full MainNet released and live by December 28th
✅ SafuuX Bridge between BSC/BNB and SAFUU by January 25th

Please keep in mind that although we will do our very best to commit to the above dates, they should be interpreted as a guideline only as they may be subject to change dependent on a variety of factors.

Safuu Blockchain is just around the corner… #WAGMI