Safuu Community Strong

Safuu Discord community members have their say! Edition 1:

As we head into our third month as a protocol, we would like to share some Safuu community thoughts and client testimonials with the broader crypto and defi community. With one of the highest stable yields in defi, a whopping 383,025.80%, Safuu has some delighted users and we want to celebrate these. Read on below, and if you would like to access more info on Safuu and our community, please join our Discord Server. We can’t wait for you to JOIN the TEAM!

“I found Safuu fairly early on but made the mistake of sleeping on what wound up being an absolute giant of a project. Of course, seeing the potential, I still bought in and began coverage of Safuu on my channel. What I found was that not only did(does) the project have massive potential, but a rock-solid community backing it. I mention fairly regularly on my channel that communities are EXTREMELY important in the DeFi space in its current state, an Safuu absolutely does not disappoint. By investing in Safuu not only have I entered an investment that has and continues to pay me richly; setting me well along my path to my goal of leaving my corporate profession… but I was able to gain the support of an amazing community that I wouldn’t give up for anything. “

User: Krug_Crypto

“I am from Venezuela where the salary is $100 a month, with my savings I invested in axie where I lost almost everything; With only $100 left, I discovered Safuu on March 1st and after investigate the protocol I realized the incredible potential it had, I did not hesitate and invested what I had left (the best decision of my life) two months later I multiplied my investment 10X. I have told several friends and they are all super happy with the protocol. This opportunity can change anyone’s life.”

User: Infoxcj

“2 years ago I bravely but stupidly put £5,000 into stocks — a British owned mining company in Russia. For 2 years my investment floated between £4,000-£6,000. Now because of war, it is worth basically nothing. In 52 days since investing on Day 1 with Safuu I have covered my losses and made back almost double. And every day my bag gets bigger. I’m sure many others have similar stories. Tonight I’ll be turning into a puffer fish, thank you Bryan!! Here’s to Safuu…..and my next glass of red!”

User: Selecta_85

“I only had about $150 and decided to take a chance on this, though to be honest I liked the mechanics of the protocol better than many others, and I’ve already more than doubled my money (I purchased about 0.8 Safuu at the time). Now, I’m sitting at 2 Safuu (I know, not very many) and in a few months time it will be enough to supplement my income considerably enough where I may be able to reduce my hours and have more time with my family. That will be a game changer and I just want to say thank you to Safuu for allowing that opportunity. To be able to be at more of my kids’ sports things, school events, etc. will be fantastic.”

User: wcmarcos

As you can see, we have some very pleased community members who are printing Safuu and $$$’s every day. Why don’t you jump into our Discord, join the community, and start earning a passive income today!

The Safuu Team!




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