SAFUU Smart Contract Renounced + Extra LP FirePit Burn!!

3 min readNov 27, 2022


The SAFUU Smart Contract which operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network has officially been renounced today together with an added LP manual burn to the FirePit.

What does “Renouncement” Mean?

This means the ownership of the SAFUU Smart Contract has been totally surrendered. Founder & CEO Bryan Legend has given up possession and control and as such, the SAFUU Token has officially now become a completely community driven and owned project.


How is this Bullish News?

When a smart contract is renounced, it awards both investors and token holders more confidence in knowing that NOTHING can be changed or amended in the SAFUU Smart Contract EVER AGAIN.

SAFUU Token holders feel at ease to know with absolute certainty that the 100% Burn Rate through accrued taxes CANNOT BE CHANGED. This also goes the same for tax addresses like the FirePit which cannot be changed, aswell as ZERO income for The Treasury. Basically, NOTHING can ever be swapped, re-routed, changed or amended ever again. This is due to the SAFUU Smart Contract being renounced. This action CANNOT be reversed.

SAFUU/BNB Liquidity Pool

Effective immediately the SAFUU Auto-LP wallet holds ZERO liquidity pool holdings. The accrued pool share of 38.126945% has been withdrawn leaving the Liquidity Pool as wholly community owned through the tokens of each holder.

The 38.126945% owned shares were split up of the following:
WBNB: 2,465.89 (50%)
SAFUU: 2,493,963 (50%)

These above percentages are owed to the SAFUU Treasury through accumulative tax fees aswell as Auto-LP additions. The LP shares were rightfully owned.

On an extra positive note: the LP withdrawal above is AHEAD of the PancakeSwap(PCS Team) where they are known to take their fees by removing liquidity themselves causing price to fall. By getting ahead of them ourselves it eliminates the majority chunk of profit they were eligible to receive.


The Good News!!

The WBNB withdrawn is now held by The Treasury and will be used to add toward SafuuX(SFX) Liquidity in 2023 as we promised.

The SAFUU withdrawn is technically owned by The Treasury too (valued at $772,122.00 at current market price), which we could in theory sell on the market for profit…

However, since the Safuu team only have good intentions and a sound moral compass, Bryan Legend CEO has made the choice to BURN the entire SAFUU amount from the withdrawn LP.


Basically, we are charitably donating the $772,122.00 proceeds to the community through the action of burning it in The FirePit instead of profiting it ourselves. This further proves SAFUU is a 100% community driven project.

Extra FirePit Percentage!!

The manual burn of 2,493,963 SAFUU Tokens has increased The FirePit from 54.49% to a staggering 59.72% now!

True hyper-deflation dynamics are now in effect which will in turn cause SAFUU price to appreciate in value over time.

The SAFUU Insurance Fund (SIF) continues to buyback & burn tokens from the free market. This action will carry on forever causing further price appreciation of SAFUU Tokens.

In summary, this is the most bullish news that SAFUU Token holders could ever dream of hearing.

To the moon…