SAFUU — The Death and Burial but Rebirth of SafuuGO.

3 min readJun 11, 2023


Anything that is great must eventually come to an end…

Safuu Protocol was conceived and created back in February 2022, and hit the Crypto market on March 1st, 2022. After achieving its promises and delivering astonishing gains throughout the course of the year for the majority of investors, the SAFUU Token contract was adjusted to be deflationary and renounced on December 2022.

The Safuu Protocol has went through normal up’s and down’s just like any other Cryptocurrency but where it has stood apart is it’s inherent ability to capitalize on fear, uncertainty and doubt from naysayers by garnering a growing community of investors.

Safuu was always a ‘means to an end’ to get to the end goal of transitioning into a Layer 1 Blockchain. This feat has been proudly accomplished when the rebrand of SafuuX to Vulcan Blockchain occurred last year which is set to release on Mainnet at the end of Q2 2023.

The community Safuu has built is one of the strongest in DeFi and because of this and due to the outstanding work of the Team, we have been wildly successful in launching the new AI generation of the Safuu protocol named; SafuuGO.

What is SafuuGO?

SafuuGO is the new and updated Version 2 of the original Safuu Protocol with greater feasibility in terms of ecosystem expansion and utility in the ever-evolving DeFi segment. SafuuGO comes fully developed out of the box with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is the first of its kind AI Smart Contract which is integrated at the protocol level.

SafuuGO is an ultra advanced AI driven BEP20 token platform with integrated, upgradable, interoperable, multi-liquidity pool management and buyback & burn systems which operate through integration of our own proprietary Navigational Artificial Intelligence Layer.

Future Growth & Utility

The original SAFUU Token has an extremely high buy & sell tax structure which is not feasible to support growth at all nor the general business direction. The SAFUU Token smart contract is completely renounced and as such the tax amounts cannot be changed or amended.

The original Safuu Protocol will continue to function is intended however as the merge to V2 is already in full force, we must proceed ahead with the vision of SafuuGO being at the forefront of our decisions.

This means that we must follow suit in giving SafuuGO’s native token (SGO) the best chance of success by providing ample liquidity aswell as our entire 100% attention and all resources.

SafuuGO is the future and carries with it the utility that the original Safuu Protocol tried to achieve.

SafuuGO is more than just a protocol. It is a vibrant and growing BEP-20 Crypto token platform that supports high level growth through Arbitrage opportunity aswell as benefiting directly from its underlying AI mechanics.

Liquidity is Key for Sustainability

All SafuuGO (SGO Token) holders automatically receive 1% Daily APR just for auto-staking/keeping their tokens in their wallet. This adds constant market sell pressure on the asset and if there is thin liquidity on the other side of the backing (in BNB), this can lead to adverse effects.

A baseline and concrete foundation is needed in order to future proof SGO Token by harnessing the advantageous power of thickening liquidity. It is through this action that we will see true price appreciation of SGO Token whilst attracting greater interest from new investors.

There is currently 3,092.04 BNB held in the SAFUU/BNB liquidity pool at time of writing equaling a total value of $727,000. This liquidity is locked for 13.5 years by the Safuu treasury and cannot be withdrawn. However, a portion of the BNB side can be extracted by executing the following approach:

The executive decision has been made to protect community and investors interests, that all proceeds of original SAFUU Tokens held in FirePit wallet: 0xaa32c984afdfa6b95e88b8ab7fabfa65de89b98c will be extracted for BNB and then re-introduced as new added liquidity into the SGO/BNB pool.

ALL future proceeds that are accumulated in this wallet will be extracted in the same way going forward. This process is ongoing, indefinitely and will be completed in a bi-weekly extraction.

It is encouraged that all current holders of the original SAFUU Token convert their tokens into SGO without delay.