SafuuX Blockchain and Project Daylight Partnership

2 min readNov 16, 2022


SafuuX Skyway Partnership announcement!

Bryan Legend CEO and the team at SafuuX Blockchain keep delivering! Creating partnerships and positive energy wherever we turn!

Today we announce our first SFX Skyway Partnership. Skyway is SafuuX’s very own launchpad, where projects have a fantastic opportunity to score additional support and unprecedented marketing and advertising campaigns from the SafuuX team, promoting their transition and development onto the world’s first rebasing blockchain.

So who is the lucky partner?…

Introducing Project Daylight / Daylight Protocol!

Project Daylight titles themselves as “DeFi’s first ever True Wealth Generation protocol” created to stabilize the DeFi 3.0 space by ascertaining measures to mitigate price manipulation, depreciating value and combat sustainability issues other protocols currently face.

Project Daylight’s innovative $DAYL token cryptocurrency enables token holders to accumulate rewards over time. The Daylight Token lays claim to fame as the world’s first-ever true wealth generation token that sustains an ever-appreciating floor value by utilizing transaction finality and ecosystem utilities.

Learn more about Daylight Protocol here

Daylight Protocol has a unique ecosystem of products with a core interest into Project Apollo. It is the first-ever decentralized launchpad and project incubator with access to public fundraising, farm offerings and VC funding access. As part of the SFX Skyway program, projects wishing to build and launch on SafuuX Blockchain will be able to utilize Daylight Protocol’s ecosystem of products, including Project Apollo, which will make start-up fundraising so much easier and more efficient. Apply today and start chatting with the respective teams at SafuuX and Daylight Protocol to ensure a smooth transition onto SFX in 2023!

SafuuX is the first-ever auto-rebasing, auto-staking and auto-compounding layer 1 blockchain! Read more about SFX here:

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