📄 SafuuX Blockchain: Lite Paper Released! ⛓

2 min readJul 9, 2022


The day we have all been eagerly awaiting has arrived! The SafuuX website and Lite Paper will be released today! Over the past few weeks, Bryan Legend and the team have worked extremely hard on assembling the architecture of SafuuX, the world’s first Auto Staking, Auto Rebasing and Auto Compounding Blockchain. In the Lite Paper, you will fall in love with what we have in store for SafuuX including the tokenomics, governance, staking rewards and fee structure of SafuuX, and the node structure and cost!

Read the Lite Paper HERE.

So, what is SafuuX?

SafuuX Chain is a standalone, fast and secure blockchain that enables developers the use of smart contracts through EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatibility, thus providing an environment to develop their dApps. SafuuX Chain relies on a system of validators with PoSA (Proof of Staked Authority) consensus, enabling shorter block time and much cheaper transaction fees.

Where can I learn more about SafuuX?

SafuuX will also have its very own onboarding program; Safuu Skyway, where developers can receive advice, feedback and funding to build and launch their projects on the SafuuX blockchain. If you would like to know more about the SafuuX Skyway program, go to the SafuuX website HERE and register your details.

Safuu and SafuuX continue to deliver. To be part of the growing and groundbreaking community, go to the SafuuX website HERE, buy and hold Safuu, and wait for even more news coming to you shortly with our ongoing developments.

Go to the SafuuX Website HERE.