SafuuX REVAMPED Fee Structure — DAO where ALL revenue is given back to SFX coin holders and node operators.

3 min readDec 10, 2022


Just as you thought things couldn’t get any better…

SafuuX Blockchain and it’s native SFX Coin has revamped it’s fee structure and has become a true DAO where ALL revenue is given back to SFX coin holders and node operators.

SafuuX Blockchain New Fee Structure

Bryan Legend, Founder & CEO of SafuuX made a pivotal chess move today by announcing that the SafuuX chain will now be embracing a true DAO business model through a newly revamped fee structure.

How is this a good thing for SFX coin holders?

This new DAO model means that SafuuX will no longer be collecting revenue from on-chain transactions. Instead, SafuuX will be supporting a true DAO culture awarding the power to the community and SFX coin holders by allowing voting rights moving forward after MainNet deployment in 2023.

This also falls in line from a legal perspective by SafuuX not being deemed as a security and instead being greenlighted as a technology with that very technology being utilized by the community of SFX coin holders and node operators running it in a true decentralized DAO economy.

New Revamped FEE Structure

The original Treasury Fee of 2% from all transactions has now been fully eliminated in line with this new directional embracement.

The original SIF Fee of 1% has also been removed entirely.

Original FEE Structure

  • 5% SafuuX FirePit — NULL 0xdead address
  • 1% SafuuX Insurance Fund (SIF)
  • 2% SafuuX Treasury
  • 2% Flexible Rebase Component
  • TOTAL 10%

New FEE Structure

  • 4% SafuuX FirePit — NULL 0xdead address
  • 1% Flexible Rebase Component
  • TOTAL 5%

Original Fee total percentage on every transaction: 10%
New Fee total percentage on every transaction: 5%

In addition to this and according to the SafuuX tokenomics; 75 million SFX are allocated to The Treasury which are used for normal Treasury related expenses just like the past, except now as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) where the community is at the helm.

A lower Total FEE percentage = more on-chain volume. The original 10% was a significantly higher number which served as a detractor VS 5% which offers substantial savings and a revived level of interest from new developers and holders.

Flexible Rebase Component Now Uncapped!

Why has the Flexible Rebase Component dropped from 2% to 1%?

The original tokenomics only allowed SFX coin holders to receive a maximum of 3.14% reward per day from on-chain transactional fee revenue.

The new structure now changes the maximum daily restriction to be UNCAPPED. This means there is now truly unlimited earning potential which is only limited by the volume SafuuX chain is capable of delivering itself.

This new change not only provides SFX Coin holders with a higher ability to earn, but will also at the same drive more interest from other projects to develop on our blockchain by capitalizing on the unlimited potential SafuuX brings to the table.