SFX Bitcoin Bonanza Announced!

3 min readNov 20, 2022

SafuuX CEO Bryan Legend has done it again! Join the SFX Bitcoin Bonanza to accumulate your SFX coins ahead of Mainnet Launch.

From November 22nd — December 22nd you can get more bang for your Bitcoin and receive bonus SFX Coins. To join the Bitcoin Bonanza, all you have to do is sacrifice your Bitcoin (BTC) or Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC).

When you sacrifice, you will receive the standard Bitcoin — SFX multiplier, plus the amazing Bitcoin Bonanza bonus! (Details below) That means more SFX Coins on the SafuuX Test-Net, more rebases, and more SFX Coins on the SafuuX Main-Net launch on January 20th 2023. This is an amazing opportunity for you to get involved with the SafuuX Blockchain, the next-generation blockchain for next-generation DeFi, DeFi 3.0!

Bitcoin Bonanza Sacrifice Details:

The more BTC sacrificed the higher the rewards! As BTC is sacrificed, Rewards Tiers will be unlocked, so the more BTC that is sacrificed the higher the Tier, and the more rewards for everyone!

  1. Sacrifice BTC
  2. Unlock Tiers
  3. Automatic % multiplier, increased rewards for all
  4. At the completion of the Bitcoin Bonanza Promotion, whatever Tier is reached equals the rewards given to all participants!

38 days of Bonanza!

The Bitcoin Bonanza event will start from 00:00:01 November 22nd UTC and finish at 23:59:59 December 22nd UTC.

As soon as you sacrifice; your amount of SFX received will immediately start rebasing. You will be able to track your sacrificed amounts and rebases at dapp.safuux.com

Tiers: (total accumulation of sacrifices)

< 1 BTC = 0% (default tier)
1 BTC = 1% bonus
2 BTC = 2% bonus
3 BTC = 3% bonus
4 BTC = 4% bonus
5 BTC = 5% bonus
10 BTC = 10% bonus
15 BTC = 15% bonus
20 BTC = 20% bonus
25 BTC and above = full unlock and 25% bonus for all

Please note:

1) The SAFUU Sacrifice Smart Contract which includes ETH, BNB, USDT, USDC will be DISABLED on 23:59:59 November 20th UTC.

2) The Bitcoin Bonanza will go live 00:00:01 November 22nd UTC.

3) No SAFUU or any other coin sacrifices are permitted.

At anytime between 00:00:01–23:59:59 Nov 21st, the SAFUU holdings from the Treasury will be used to extract BNB from the SAFUU/BNB liquidity pool.

It is in your best interests to sacrifice your current SAFUU token holdings before this time.

About SafuuX

SafuuX is the first-ever auto-rebasing, auto-staking and auto-compounding blockchain. The SFX Bitcoin Bonanza is an unparalleled opportunity to invest in something with immense potential. To sacrifice, go to dapp.safuux.com, connect your wallet and sacrifice your BTC or WBTC to receive your bonus SafuuX Coins. Take advantage of this limited opportunity now!

Read more about SafuuX here: https://www.safuux.com/

So, what are you waiting for? Join the SFX Bitcoin Bonanza today and reap the rewards of a next-generation blockchain, SafuuX!