The SALE Auto Liquidity Engine WORKED 100%!

We have passed 48 hours since SAFUU went live and guess what, right on time, just as promised, yet again we have DELIVERED!

Just like clockwork our Safuu Auto Liquidity Engine (SALE) sprung into action at 22:52:48 UTC and automatically bought 423.24 BNB at market value and matched it with 1.91K SAFUU. It then automatically added this to the SAFUU/BNB Liquidity Pool ($340.23K) total value.

Here is proof of the automatic SALE order with LP add:

The liquidity pool of SAFUU/BNB is now over 8 MILLION DOLLARS!

This is hugely bullish news and proves without a shadow of a doubt that the Safuu Protocol works 100% autonomously without any manual intervention required.

Each and every 48 hours the SALE will automatically and seamlessly keep on adding more and more liquidity to the PancakeSwap SAFUU/BNB pool and this will continue on Auto-Pilot for the next 13.5 years!



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