Weekly Update 06-FEB-2022

Feb 6, 2022


Starting this coming week (Monday) we will be initiating our Phase 1 marketing which will include:

- A $300,000 Bounty Campaign!
- Ad Web Traffic Campaign Targeting Crypto Users World Wide.
- Banner Ad Campaign Spread Out Amongst Major Crypto News Sites.
- IcoHotList Premium Listing Including Top 10 Featured Project aswell as Email Blast.

- The Safuu Protocol is now deployed on TestNet and is being tested to make sure all is well.
- Solidity.Finance have begun to Audit our smart contract and the ETA is 11 days.

Team KYC:
- We are currently in talks with RugDoc for a full team KYC. We should have this complete within the next week or so.

We look forward to our community growing rapidly over the coming weeks ahead and we have much more exciting stuff planned!