Bryan Legend: Fire Pit is Now True NULL! + You are Wanted on the New Safuu Fund Committee

7 min readDec 27, 2022


Dear all SAFUU Token holders,

For those of you who have been in the community from humble beginnings and have had the trust and conviction to stick around, I salute you.

The Safuu brand has been truly battle tested and has withstood without question the largest orchestrated FUD campaign DeFi has seen to date.

Since Day 1 the Safuu Protocol White Paper has been extremely clear and concise and together with the public Roadmap, it has always been the end goal to transition into a fully operational Blockchain with ultimate utility.

Community consensus would agree that I am best known for my Conjectural Marketing tactics and although a few would argue that some of my moves may be frowned upon, in general most have developed complete trust in my ability to deliver a winning result at the chess table thinking 20 moves ahead at every turn.

I say this to encourage you all to seek solace in knowing that I have been absolutely genuine with you all and I only want the best for everybody. I have said from the start in my initial YouTube AMA’s that my goal is to make millionaires and not to line my own pockets. I want to leave a legacy and I now fully believe the time has come for me to come clean about the past 10 months.

We have all been playing on the chess board together with the past 10 months being an intense thought out high level marketing strategy that I have used to garner the amount of attention for Safuu in making it as successful and talked about as it has been. I have been fully aware and conscious of what I started (The FUD) and using it correctly in a way to attract attention by word of mouth has led Safuu to become what it is today (an unstoppable force).

The Safuu Fire Pit is Now a NULL Address

It is what you all have been waiting for!

The Safuu Fire Pit has been a major source of contention over the past 10 months where the majority of the FUD and conjecture has been centered around.

Fudders will have you believe that it was always my plan to ‘rug’ the Fire Pit by accessing the wallet and draining the liquidity pool with the outcome being to leave Safuu holders ‘holding the bag, high and dry’. This is so far from the truth that the last 10 months have been nothing more than to prove this narrative is bogus and completely false.

The past 10 months were used primarily to develop the trust and behavioral confidence in me from you as an investor. This was the aim and goal for which I believe has been achieved throughout the Safuu community. We can all agree that the Fire Pit has not been touched or accessed, proving that I have only ever had the right intentions to fulfill my promises and obligations and lead Safuu to success by my sound moral compass, and not by ‘scamming anybody’.

Having said the above, I will now admit to the last 10 months being a test of loyalty from your end and trust in my word of me not being some kind of ‘a scammer’ at all. Yes, the keys to the Safuu Fire Pit were in my possession all this time and I have had full access to it, meaning IF there was any ounce of truth to me being a scammer or me wanting to rug the project, well it would have happened many months ago.

This admission is to prove the point of me being a trustworthy leader and your conviction as a Safuu holder to believe in me for which I want to take this time to truly thank you for. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for trusting in me and not giving in to ‘the fudders’ with the likes of CoffeeZilla, etc.

It is now time for me to relinquish control of the Safuu Tokens held within the Fire Pit and truly once and for all burn them into the 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD address. This act of will is to show my sound moral intentions of leaving the FUD behind as it has served its primary purpose.


100% of all tokens that were stored in the prior Safuu Fire Pit (wallet 0xaA32C984AfDfa6B95e88B8aB7faBfa65De89b98C) have now been transferred to the correct Null dEaD address under TX:


This is all great news for Safuu holders so do take note that since the Safuu Smart Contract is fully renounced — no amendments or alterations can be made to any variables including tax fee wallets. (Meaning the prior Fire Pit wallet address that is programmed cannot be changed without migrating to a V2) and since the liquidity is locked for 13.5 years, this makes it impossible to migrate to a V2 until that time has lapsed.

The Safuu Protocol’s smart contract is set in stone.

Standing Alone as a Deflationary Token

The SAFUU Token is a basic DeFi protocol which operates on a competitor chain; Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and hence needs to remain totally separate and apart from Vulcan. The two names SAFUU and Vulcan are not tied together nor related in any way shape or form. One is a deflationary DeFi Protocol and the other is a Layer 1 blockchain.

In an effort to completely separate Safuu from Vulcan and to truly evolve in the best interests for investors both legally and for blockchain longevity, today is the day where Safuu breaks away from Vulcan completely.

This means the true utility of Safuu has now become a Store of Value, just like Bitcoin but with the advantage of hyper-deflation at the core deriving its speculative value.

A Community Run Project

SAFUU Token remains run by the community of its holders by way of vote. I personally hold no stake nor tokens and therefore hold no power to control price or direction. All efforts are entirely community driven including all interests to market and to socially adopt new users.

REVISED UPDATED 14/JAN/2023 >>>>>>

Founder Compensation Agreement (FCA)

Since I am no longer in control of any of Safuu’s mechanisms, this means from this point forward all fees that were priory collected by the SIF from trading via the PCS liquidity pool aswell as the ‘old Fire Pit wallet’ will now be redirected indefinitely under the Founder Compensation Agreement (FCA) as follows;

Total BNB funds accumulated in the SIF minus the FCA Allocation will be periodically sent once per month to a Community Held and Owned Gnosis Multisig Wallet.

The FCA Allocation of 25% — from total funds collected and held in the SIF are subject to the FCA and will be awarded to the founder in coordination with a donation to the chosen community supported charity; UNICEF.

EXAMPLE: SIF generates on average $5k per day for 30 days (1 month) and holds $150,000. Result; $37,500 (25%) is awarded to the founder under the FCA agreement. $112,500 (75%) is transferred to the Community Held and Owned Gnosis Multisig Wallet.

100% of all $SAFUU Tokens that have been accumulated in the Fire Pit will be burnt entirely by being transfered once per month to the Null dEaD address. Fire Pit funds are NO LONGER subject to the FCA agreement and the SFC will have no voting power or access to these funds.

This FCA agreement cannot be amended or voted on to be changed by the SFC.

Formation of the New Safuu Fund Committee and Voting Structure Rules

From this point forward ALL funds accumulated in the Safuu Fire Pit aswell as the SIF will be periodically sent once per month to a Community Held and Owned Gnosis Multisig Wallet. The Safuu community themselves will hold a Discord vote to form the ‘Safuu Fund Committee (SFC)’ which will be made up of at least 9 members of which a majority of 5 will need to grant Multisig approval for movement of funds.

  1. The current default Safuu Fire Pit direction is for these funds contained in it to be transferred to the correct Null DeAd wallet as originally intended for the protocol to burn out of circulation.
  2. The current default SIF direction is for these funds contained in it to be used for Buy Back & Burn by buying SAFUU at market rate via PCS and transferring the purchased SAFUU to the Null DeAd wallet as originally intended for the protocol to burn out of circulation.

The Safuu Fund Committee (SFC) may at any time choose to hold a community vote by engaging all SAFUU holders in an effort to change the direction of funds, ie instead of 6.5% being burnt and sent to the Null DeAd address — perhaps 1.5% is to be used for marketing, developing newer products or exchange listings. No less than a minimum 14 day voting poll from token holders of the whole Safuu community will ensue and if passed by majority, the elected vote will pass responsibility through to the SFC to carry out.

Voting for ALL future directions and usage of funds accumulated from the Fire Pit address aswell as the SIF will be managed by the SFC and implemented IF the community requests a change, Otherwise the 6.5% NEEDS to be used for direct burn and be sent to the dEaD NULL address AND the SIF funds collected need to be used for buy back and burns as originally intended.



I on behalf of Safuu have made a lot of people very wealthy over the last year and I see no reason for it to not carry on further beyond 2023 throughout the next upcoming bull market.

By handing over complete reins and all responsibilities for Safuu, it will allow me to concentrate my efforts and resources entirely to Vulcan even though I will always remain an advocate and influencer for Safuu Protocol.

You are all welcome.


Bryan Legend.